Low Salt Diet


  • NO GUM
    Elevate head of bed 4 inches No Eating/Drinking 3 Hours before bed
Avoid Fried Foods Use chicken, fish, or turkey –baked, grilled or broiled and refrain from other meats. If you must eat a steak – eat low fat cuts of beef like Filet Mignon. Switch to 1% or skim milk. Minimize sweets, especially ice cream and baked goods like cakes, pies, cookies. No pork fat used for seasoning foods while cooking. Avoid shellfish like oysters, clams, shrimp, lobster, scallops, crabs etc. Minimize peanut butter. Avoid chips and other snacks

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Rules for Losing or Maintaining Weight :

Don't drink any calories

  Drinking fluids is necessary to maintain hydration. Many of the things we drink, however, have little or no nutritional value. This is certainly the case with soft drinks, milkshakes, and alcoholic beverages. Acceptable drinks include water, water with a twist of lemon or lime, un-sweet tea or black coffee. If you must sweeten your tea or coffee use one of the colored envelopes (NutraSweet, Sweet’N Low, or Splenda.  

Avoid fried foods

  Fatty foods are concentrated calories. There are 9 calories in 1 g of fat compared to 4 calories in 1 g of protein or sugar. Prepare the foods you like (chicken, seafood, potatoes and other vegetables) with a method other than frying such as baking, grilling, broiling, boiling, or stir-fry.  

Don't go back for seconds, thirds or desserts

  When losing/maintaining weight don't starve! Eat one normal portion of the foods you like. Eat slowly! Then get up from the table. Avoid desserts unless it is a very special desert on a very special occasion.  

Eat healthy snacks

There are no limits on snacks so long as they are fresh fruit and vegetables.  

Get plenty of exercise

  If you can't run, even a walk will do! You don't need a membership in a health club. You can burn extra calories just by walking from the far end of the parking lot or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.   About 3,500 calories adds up to about 1 pound. This applies whether they are food calories coming in, or calories (burned by exercise) going out. If you eat 3,500 calories more than your body needs, you will put on about 1 pound. If you use up 3,500 calories more than you eat, you will lose about 1 pound in weight. Just giving up your 20 oz. Mountain Dew and honey bun every day will result in just over 1 pound of weight loss!

Aerobic Exercise

Fever is one way the body fights infections. Viruses and bacteria that cause infections in people do not multiply well when the body temperature is too high. Fevers are only treated when they make the patient feel too uncomfortable. If you develop a fever > 102 Deg. See a Doctor so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be made. Iboprofen or Tylenol can be used every 6hrs at the appropriate dose per the directions on the bottle Tylenol doses must be separated by at least 4 hrs Iboprefen must be separated by at least 6hrs. Sponge baths with LUKE WARM WATER can be helpful also. If you develop a fever <102deg. medication is optional. First, we recommend that the individual see the doctor for an office visit so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be established.seperated by at least 4hrs Then, to treat the fever, we recommend ibuprofen or Tylenol in the appropriate dose as per the directions on the bottle. Tylenol doses must be separated by at least 4hrs; furthermore, Ibuprofen doses must be separated by at least 6hrs. There is no specific amount of time that a Tylenol dose must be separated from an ibuprofen dose. For fevers less than 102deg. treatment is optional. For fevers greater than 102 deg. most patients will feel more comfortable if that level of fever is treated by a fever reducer like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Also, sponge bathing with luke warm water is sometimes helpful for fever reduction. Do NOT use cold water for sponge baths.

Weight Loss

Low Fat Diet

  YOU MAY HAVE SMALL AMOUNTS OF CLEAR LIQUIDS FREQUENTLY FOR THE NEXT 12-24 HOURS. SPRITE OR 7UP (NO FIZZ)    AFTER 12-24 HOURS. Try small amounts of solid foods frequently such as:

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Tips on Remembering to Take Prescribed Medicine.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on our website is intended for the use of our patients to enhance their quality of life and their general good health. This information is not intended to replace routine health care examinations. This information is strictly intended as an adjunct to the care received from us in our clinic setting in the form of office visits with our physicians. This information is not intended to take the place of office based physician patient interactions.

Since high impact aerobic exercise is often associated with injuries to the spine and joints at the hips and lower extremities, we recommend that our patients pursue lower impact activities like walking, bicycling, using elliptical machines, swimming, using stair master machines or using rowing machines. We recommend that individuals start out slowly and for short lengths of time and gradually increase to faster paces for 30-60 minutes per day. Remember to have an adequate warm up period, cool down period and stretching period. Incorporate this as part of your overall workout program. Also, we recommend a complete physical exam for all patients prior to the initiation of any new exercise regimen.   Aerobic Exercise
  • All patients should have a complete physical exam prior to initiating any new regiment
  • Low impact activities have been associated with fewer injuries to the spine, joints hips and lower extremities than high impact activities.
  • Examples of low impact exercises: Spend 30-45 Minutes such as walking, elliptical, swimming, stationary bike

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Fever Treatment

No added salt to foods that is already prepared Use Prepared Salt substitution Like: Mrs. Dash, Also Salt. Avoid anything that comes out of a vending machine. Frozen or Fresh Vegetables are preferable over canned vegetables If canned vegetables must be used – rinse them in a strainer 1st and then cook them in tap water. Avoid Soft drinks Avoid pickles, avoid potato chips, unless they are the unsalted kind. Low sodium soups. (No Salt)

First, always remember to keep medication in a secure location so that children and pets do not accidentally ingest them.  Placing a reminder (eg; a medicine bottle) in a common place, like in front of your toothbrush, will help in taking your medicine regularly.

If the medication is to be taken 3 -4 times a day, watches can be purchased that have alarm settings that can be programmed to remind you of the dosing time at the appropriate dosing intervals.

  •  Keep medication in a secure location away from children and pets
  •  Place a reminder in a common place that will help you remember your medication.
  •  Watches, cell phones, PDAs with alarm settings can be programmed to remind you if medications need to be taken more than once a  day.
  •  Pill boxes with dots and times are a very convenient way to organize your medications and help you remember to take them.